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Women Who Led the Way: Great Explorers and Adventurers

Women Who Led the Way: Great Explorers and Adventurers

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"From a wide range of historical periods (the 9th century to the present) and countries, this book reveals 33 intrepid women who broke the boundaries of society as well as geography in order to explore places, peoples and customs.

Some of them took up personal challenges, like climbing the world's highest mountains or crossing oceans and deserts; others have joined space programs or pursued scientific research. Some were seeking new places to live. All were and are pioneers. While some are world-famous, others deserve to be better-known.


Among them are Jeanne Baret (France), first woman to circumnavigate the globe; Amelia Earhart (USA) pioneer pilot; Junko Tabei (Japan) first woman to climb Everest; Aud 'the Deep-Minded' (Scandinavia), leader of settlement in Iceland; Mae Carol Jemison (USA), first black woman in space; Mary Anning (England), fossil discoverer; Sylvia Earle (USA), underwater explorer and ocean conservation campaigner; Arunima Sinha (India), first female amputee to climb Mount Everest."
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