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Wild Child: Nature Adventures for Young Explorers

Wild Child: Nature Adventures for Young Explorers

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"Nature is all around us to see, hear, and touch--in the leafy woods, by the sparkling water, or simply out the window. What will you discover? A chattering jay hiding an acorn, a butterfly with camouflaged wings? Perhaps a brilliant red feather you'll carry home and tie to your journey stick, to remember.


Lavishly illustrated by Barry Falls, this oversize book invites children outdoors on every kind of adventure, from counting the species in an oak tree to searching the riverbed for aquatic dragonfly nymphs. With wonder and poetry, color and curiosity, Wild Child will stir the hearts of readers young and old alike.


Ideal for kids ages 7 to 11
  • Explore the garden, woods, meadow, and other nearby habitats
  • Read all about the wonders of nature, from migration to metamorphosis
  • Make your own bird feeder, terrarium, and more fun nature crafts
  • Spot local creatures--from chickadees to caddisflies--and learn what makes them special!"
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