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What's the Point of Science?

What's the Point of Science?

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"Find out about the wonderful world of scientific discovery, how science works and why it has changed the world.

Turn boredom into awe! Learn about the most notable scientists in history, scientific discoveries, and the answers to your questions about biology, chemistry and physics. This illustrated science book is packed with stories and hand-drawn graphics that will make science fun!


Wondering where science started and how scientists solve centuries-old mysteries? Inside this science book, you'll find:


- Each main topic features a discovery or breakthrough presented as an illustrated story.
- Real-world examples of modern science and technology bring the story up to date, and make each topic relevant.
- Occasional timeline spreads reveal how scientific ideas have evolved.
- "Try it out" boxes show readers how to carry out hands-on science activities at home or at school.
- Amazing facts and stories keep the tone light and entertaining.
- Timeline spreads show scientific development in a specific field over the ages.


Discover the amazing humans who challenged the thinking of their time and put their lives at risk to learn about everything on the planet -- and in space! Understand why science matters so much, and the incredible places it will take us in the future. This illustrated science reference guide will intrigue and inspire children ages 9-12 to love science, and to marvel at the world around them.


Students will learn how science is practical and applicable to the real world, and helps to solve everyday problems through the stories and discoveries of notable scientists. The easy-to-follow format explores the origins of science and answers important questions like how the universe started, how to build a pyramid, how to save a life, how to capture lightning and even how to live on Mars. The answers and stories in this scientific book will change the way children think about science forever!"
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