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"Timmy loves to perform, but only when there isn't an audience! When Timmy feels most nervous, their shy inner lion roars all their confidence away. This gorgeous, uplifting picture book by British Book Award winner and Stonewall Book Award Honoree, Harry Woodgate, shines a spotlight on childhood anxiety. With bravery, courage, and friendship, Timmy learns to embrace his inner lion and follow their dreams.

"A gorgeously flamboyant picture book with a non-binary protagonist and a gentle, supportive message."- The Guardian


Timmy loves nothing more than performing, that is, until they have an audience. They live in the shadow of their inner cowardly lion who loves to come out and ROAR all their confidence away. As Timmy dreads the upcoming school play, they form a powerful friendship with their classmate Nia. Together, they work to overcome their shyness and tame the lion. But when it's time to take the stage, Timmy feels the familiar swoosh of the lion's tail.


Will Timmy be able to calm their anxiety and put on a show-stopping performance?"
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