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This Is Not a Cookbook

This Is Not a Cookbook

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"In this uniquely accessible, fully illustrated nonfiction work for young readers, Chef Flynn McGarry, who at an early age discovered a passion for food and cooking and has since gone on to receive wide-acclaim as a chef, shares his insights and explores the elements of creativity as he encourages young readers to mix passion, hard work, and their own unique perspective to achieve results that might just be life-changing.


When Flynn McGarry was ten years old, he started to cook in a serious way. At first he simply wanted to make better food for his family, so with the help and support of his parents, he turned his bedroom into a personal kitchen. Yes, his curiosity was intense. He committed himself to developing his knowledge of food and culinary technique by reading cookbooks and watching chefs on YouTube and the Food Network. He then pieced together information that excited his sensibilities, paying attention to every detail--from the design of a kitchen to the type of container being used, from the color and texture of food to its arrangement on a plate. He thought not only about menus and the taste of food, but also about where it was grown and how it was harvested.
Now in his mid-twenties, Flynn is a well-known chef with his own restaurant and much more happening in his life. Still, with all his success, this modest young man is inspired to share his creative process and his innovative thinking about aesthetics and food, especially with young people. Of course, some of Flynn's favorite recipes are included, for those who also want to cook and eat well!"
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