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The Math Adventurers: Build a Friendship

The Math Adventurers: Build a Friendship

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"Join two friendly and funny robots, Beep and Boots, as they learn all about time and discover that math is everywhere they look.


Beep the robot would love nothing more than to have her own pet, like her friends do. One morning she gets a surprise delivery - a parcel containing circles, squares, triangles, and pentagons for her to make her own robot cat! Beep realizes that she can't make a pet pal from flat, two-dimensional shapes so, with a flash of magic, the shapes become three-dimensional spheres, cubes, and pyramids. Join Beep as she tries different ways of putting shapes together to build her robot cat and make a best friend forever.

This fun and educational math book for children features:


- A fun and engaging introduction to shapes for children aged 5-7.
- Lively illustrations and rhyming text that brings the characters and math topics to life.
- Key math topics including shapes, time, measurements, division, and fractions - all essential learning for this age group.
- Illustrations that are in a non-gendered color palette, making the traditionally male subject relatable for all genders.
- A relatable storyline for young readers, encouraging them to look for math in their homes and environments, and seeing how, often without even knowing it, they use math everyday."

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