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Welbeck Children's

The Book of Discoveries

The Book of Discoveries

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"Explore the world's most significant, innovative and amazing discoveries in association with the Science Museum in London.

What is a discovery? It's when you observe, learn, or explain something for the first time--but not just anything. It's not like learning the French word for "breakfast" or where the closest grocery store is. A discovery isn't learning something that you didn't know. It's learning something that no one knew but that was always there, waiting to be found out.

Find out how, when and why vital discoveries took place, and learn more about the people who made the breakthroughs. Learn how the principles they discovered became the basis of inventions and other advances that shaped our history and the way we live today. Find out about the combination of inspiration and perspiration that helped pioneers piece together an ever-deeper understanding of ourselves, our planet and the universe around us.

Featuring more than 40 discoveries, from gravity to the circulation of the blood, the Big Bang to the movement of subatomic particles, this brilliant STEM-themed read will get kids interested in the fundamental ideas and laws that make the world go round."

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