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Tales of the Prehistoric World

Tales of the Prehistoric World

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Travel back in time in this collection of exhilarating dinosaur adventures for kids aged 7-10 from palaeontologist and YouTuber Kallie Moore.

"Who needs Jurassic World when the truth is this exciting? Prepare yourself for jaw-dropping discoveries, scandalous stories, and dinosaurs so weird you won't believe they're real! The tales in this dinosaur book are all completely true and many are included in a kids' book for the first time. Readers will come face-to-face with incredible prehistoric beasts including the Australian dinosaurs that fossilized into gemstones, the prehistoric shark with a circular saw in its mouth, and the relative of T. rex that was found frozen at the top of a mountain in Antarctica...

Chapter 1 - The Beginning - featuring prehistoric goo and the first squishy animals

Chapter 2 - An Explosion of Life - featuring king-sized trilobites, armored fish, and giant bugs!

Chapter 3 - The Age of Reptiles - featuring spiny sauropods, pterosaurs the size of airplanes, and musical dinosaurs.

Chapter 4 - The Recent Past - featuring gigantic snakes, Ice Age mammoths and sabre-toothed cats, and the hairy primates that would one day evolve into humans!

"Every thrilling story has been meticulously researched by author Kallie Moore, a fossil expert who also hosts the hit YouTube show PBS Eons. Beautiful illustrations by critically-acclaimed illustrator Becky Thorns bring incredible prehistoric beasts like Stegosaurus and Triceratops to life for younger readers.

This beautiful hardback book makes the perfect gift for dino-mad kids. The cloth-textured cover is gilded with gold foil, and everything is printed using sustainable FSC(R) certified paper.

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