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Our World in Pictures: Cars, Trains, Ships, and Planes

Our World in Pictures: Cars, Trains, Ships, and Planes

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"Packed with more than 1,000 incredible images and full of fascinating facts, this beautiful children's book takes you on an exciting journey across land, sea and sky.

Have you ever wondered what the very first car looked like? Or what weird and wonderful animals people used for transport in the olden days? Ever heard of wing-walking? Or record-breaking racing cars? If you find yourself seeking the answers to these quirky questions and so many more, then Our World In Pictures: Cars, Trains, Ships, and Planes may be the book for you!


Explore the incredible world of automobiles, aviation and more, from mini motors to modern warships, helicopters to high-speed trains, with this engaging encyclopedia for children aged 9-12 perfect for young transport enthusiasts."
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