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My First Mom and Son Journal

My First Mom and Son Journal

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"A must-have guided journal to nurture a deeper connection to your 5-to-8 year old son filled with adorable, interactive, and age-appropriate prompts and activities to record your memories!

As your little boy grows up and learns to read and write, the two of you can catch special memories in this journal as you swap stories, compare ideas, and explore things you love with each other! Letters, drawings back and forth, and interactive lists invite mother and son to reflect, write, and doodle about all of the things in their life together. Watch your son build self-confidence and improve his penmanship!

With this unique journal for young kids just learning to read and write, mother and son will illustrate or write:

  • Answers to thought provoking journal prompts and activities--Coloring and drawing activities; Circle your favorite prompts; many more fun activities!
  • Special memories--Here is a picture of something I worked really hard to learn; When I was little, I liked to
  • Personal perspectives--I wake up at; I go to sleep at; I dream about

Whether you're looking for the perfect creative gift or book for mom or son, intentional activity kits for kids, a meaningful and fun homeschooling tool, or a unique memory book for mom and son, this shared guided journal is sure to be a hit. Let's celebrate your story!"

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