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Mr. Mornington's Favorite Things

Mr. Mornington's Favorite Things

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"My friend Mr. Mornington has always lived next door to us. His favorite things are gardening and eating cherry cake and playing his saxophone. He's not the best rememberer, though.

A little girl lives next door to Mr. Mornington, who has played saxophone all over the world. These days, he's a bit tired of all that travelling, so now he plays it just for her. Together, they have a favourite song: one that conjures up memories of all their favorite things. But when Mr Mornington moves into a nursing home, his young friend wonders if he'll be able to remember her - or any of his favorite things at all... perhaps there's something she can do to help?

This heartfelt and gently humorous picture book explores the subject of dementia in an original way. Drawing on themes of music therapy and the value of community and intergenerational friendship, it has a warm yet realistic ending that will help readers to process their own feelings of loss.

Includes Mr. Mornington's famous cherry cake recipe at the back of the book, so you can try one of his favorite things."

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