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Kid Confident #3: How to Handle Stress for Middle School Success

Kid Confident #3: How to Handle Stress for Middle School Success

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"Smart and essential!" --Jeff Kinney, Diary of a Wimpy Kid


"Middle school can be stressful. On the outside, you can look like everything is going great. On the inside, you may worry a lot -- about making decisions, staying on top of your schoolwork, being more independent, making friends, and keeping yourself and everyone else happy. And all that can seriously stress you out.


Want to know the trick to managing all that stress? Learn stress management level-up skills and become the boss of your brain! Inside, you'll discover tons of strategies and methods to coach yourself through anything middle school throws your way, so stress and worry don't get in the way of the things that matter the most to you and being the confident kid you are, including
  • Using Chills Hacks to help you calm down when you need it the most.
  • Customizing your own formula for bravery to help you feel courageous throughout middle school.
  • Developing healthy habits when it comes to eating, sleeping, and screen-time that will last.
  • Doing what it takes to have that "can-do" attitude and working towards your goals without giving up, and
  • Controlling how you respond to stress and worry.
How to Deal With STRESS in Middle School is part of an awesome book series developed with expert psychologist and series editor, Bonnie Zucker, PsyD that authentically captures the middle school experience. These nonfiction books skillfully guide middle schoolers through those tricky years between elementary and high school with a supporting voice of a trusted older sibling or a favorite aunt, stealthily offering life lessons and evidence-based coping skills. Readers of Telgemeir's Guts will recognize similar mental health and wellness strategies and fans of Patterson's Middle School series will appreciate the honest look at uncertainty and chaos that middle graders can bring. Kid Confident offers what kids need to have fun with it all and navigate middle school with confidence, humor, perspective, and feel our mad respect for being the amazing humans they already are."
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