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Islands: Explore the World's Most Unique Places

Islands: Explore the World's Most Unique Places

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"Remote, mysterious, exotic, unforgettable: islands are captivating and unique places. But what makes them so special?

Some islands are busy, bustling homes to many people, while others have almost no life at all. Some are covered in thick jungle, others in freezing ice. Some are millions of years old, and others are brand new. Islands come in countless shapes and sizes, and this book lets kids explore some--climbing their mountains, swimming in their seas, discovering their histories, and wondering at their treasures."

Islands included:

  • Fraser Island, Australia
  • Île de la Cité, Paris, France
  • St Kilda, Scotland
  • Surtsey, Iceland
  • Snow Hill Island, Antarctica
  • Palm Jumeirah, United Arab Emirates
  • Easter Island, Chile
  • Ellis Island, USA
  • Miyajima, Japan
  • Santorini, Greece
  • Socotra, Yemen
  • Uros Floating Islands, Peru
  • Galápagos Islands, Ecuador
  • Pitcairn Island, Pacific Ocean
  • Wrangel Island, Russia
  • Assateague & Chincoteague Islands, USA
  • La Gomera, Spain
  • Christmas Island, Australia
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