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Roaring Brook Press

I See You, Sad Bear

I See You, Sad Bear

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A poetic and comforting story that explores emotional literacy and friendship, perfect for fans of The Rabbit Listened and Be Kind.

"Sad Bear, why are you so sad?

As we follow Sad Bear through a gloomy day, we can only guess at why he's so blue.

Did you drop your ice cream on the ground?

Was it your birthday and did all your friends forget?

Or maybe there is no reason at all. You are just simply sad.

Soon a friend arrives and tries his best to cheer up Sad Bear. But the truth is, everyone gets sad, and sometimes all we need is a friend by our side.

For readers big and small, this moving and gentle tale takes on big concepts like sadness and empathy, helping young readers learn that offering comfort can mean lending a hand or an ear, or simply just being there."

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