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History!: The Past as You've Never Seen It Before

History!: The Past as You've Never Seen It Before

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"Journey back in time and marvel at the history of our world like never before with this children's encyclopedia perfect for curious kids.

Forming part of a fantastic series of kid's educational books, this bold and brilliant kid's encyclopedia uses ground-breaking CGI imagery to reveal the world as you've never seen it before. Informative, diverse in subject matter, easy-to-read and brimming with beautiful graphics, young learners can explore the incredibly detailed cross-sections and cutaways that reveal the inner workings of just about everything!

This charming children's encyclopedia opens the world in new ways, with:


- Packed with facts, charts, timelines, and infographics that cover a vast range of topics.
- Encompassing a visual approach with illustrations, photographs and extremely detailed 3D CGI images.
- Crystal clear text distills the key information.
- DK's encyclopedias are fact-checked by subject experts to offer accuracy beyond online sources of information.


This fully-updated edition of Knowledge Encyclopedia History! is the perfect encyclopedia for children aged 9-12, ideal for inquisitive minds, bringing key moments in history to life, from exploring the lives of early humans to visiting the Vikings, learning about The Industrial Revolution, and looking towards a greener future! Jam-packed with fun facts about the world, including fascinating statistics, maps, timelines, graphics, and superb photorealistic cross-sections, young history lovers can peer inside ancient buildings, marvel at elaborate outfits, and get close to the battles of history!"
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