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Get to Know: Philosophy

Get to Know: Philosophy

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A fun, visual guide for kids about the tricky topic of philosophy: what it covers, why it's important, and who the big philosophers are!

The instinct to question is shared by both children and philosophers, and kids start to question the world around them at an early age. Children aged 7+ can begin to understand how critical thinking works, from the smallest details to the largest concepts, both children and philosophers approach the world with an enquiring mind, and accept little at face value.

"Get to know: Philosophy will encourage and magnify children's inquisitive side, using engaging thought experiments, real-world examples and allegories. Learning about philosophy doesn't have to be tricky either - this guide features fun activities and quizzes, bright pages and breaks the information into bite-size chunks so that it's easy to digest.


Inside the pages of this philosophy book for kids, you'll find:

- A wide-ranging and accessible introduction to philosophy, with bright, informative illustrations alongside engaging text, making key information easy to digest.
- A topic-by-topic structure, giving an in-depth introduction to the world of philosophy.
- The cornerstones of philosophy, including the mind, logic, morality, politics, and religion.
- Lively and colorful diagrams that present information in an engaging way."
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