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Dinosaur Club #2: A Triceratops Charge

Dinosaur Club #2: A Triceratops Charge

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The adventure continues in this exciting second installment of DK's new children's prehistoric books series. Travel back in time and discover dinosaurs big and small! Children will be inspired to explore the prehistoric world with these fabulous dinosaur books.

"In the bright pages of this children's dinosaur storybook, adventure is afoot as Jamie and Tess encounter a herd of Triceratops and hitch a ride on the dinosaur's backs. But something goes wrong and the Triceratops begin to charge! Can Jamie and Tess hang on?

Jamie is one of the biggest dinosaur fans ever. He's a member of the Dinosaur Club -- a network of kids around the world who share dinosaur knowledge. While exploring Ammonite Bay, Jamie meets Tess, a fellow Dinosaur Club member. Tess shows Jamie her favorite place -- a secret cave with fossils all over the walls. They see a strange tunnel at the back and go through it together. You won't believe what they discover next -- actual dinosaurs!"


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