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Our World in Pictures: Countries of the World

Our World in Pictures: Countries of the World

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"Packed with more than 1,000 incredible images and full of fascinating facts, this beautiful children's book takes you on an exciting round-the-globe tour, with a stopover in every nation on every continent!


Did you know that Cuba's national sport is baseball, one of the most popular sports in the US? And that kids in both Japan and Chile have earthquake drills on their school schedule? Find out about
anything from the spookily vibrant Day of the Dead parade in Mexico and the beautiful springtime cherry blossom displays of Japan, to blueberry-picking in Sweden and India's space program. Discover the countries of the world - explore their geography, wildlife, traditions, and arts, in this picture-packed children's book.


Every country's profile is full of photos, and each nation has a full-color map detailing its main cities, landscape features, and borders, and exactly where in the world they are, in this engaging encyclopedia for children aged 9-12.


This captivating kids encyclopedia tackles our weird and wonderful world continent by content, with informative profiles for each of the 196 nations of the world and striking illustrations, photographs and diagrams featured throughout provide an optimum visual learning experience for both children and adults alike, accompanied by an array of fun facts from around the globe!"
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