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Mr. Pei's Perfect Shapes: The Story of Architect I. M. Pei

Mr. Pei's Perfect Shapes: The Story of Architect I. M. Pei

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"In this stunning picture book about renowned architect I. M. Pei, award-winning author Julie Leung and captivating illustrator Yifan Wu unite to tell the story of the man who changed architecture forever with his forward-thinking shapes.

As a boy in Shanghai, Ioeh Ming Pei was awestruck by the enormous buildings that popped up around him every day. He quickly figured out exactly what he wanted to be when he grew up--an architect who designed skyscrapers that touched the clouds.

I. M. Pei set off to make his mark, and with his appealingly modern ideas, he found himself with many clients--including a rock and roll museum, businesses around the world, and even a president's widow. Everyone wanted I. M. Pei to design their buildings. Though his plans weren't always immediately popular, his legacy has endured, and his structures can still be seen all around the world, from the JFK Library and the East Building of the National Gallery of Art to the Louvre Pyramid.

Readers will be inspired by the spare yet informative text and luminous illustrations, which bring I. M. Pei's incredible legacy and achievements to life."

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