Fine Arts Mission

We Believe Every Kid is a Creative Kid.

Our mission is to encourage children to explore, strengthen, and diversify their creative interests through literature. At Rolling Rabbit Books, we strive to create a lively, and welcoming environment that inspires kids to play, imagine, build, design, and most importantly, read.

We are dedicated to supporting local Fine Arts programs in any way we can, as well as providing a large selection of books on subjects related to art, music, creative writing, and theater for children and teens. 


Our Core Values:

  1. We emphasize creative expression and other forms of imaginative play.
  2. We favor beautifully illustrated books with unique, original stories.
  3. We curate a selection of books that is inclusive of all races, ethnicities, cultures, religions, abilities, genders, and identities.
  4. We promote freethinking and giving children the ability to read about topics that interest them, and crafting a safe space that encourages them to do so.
  5. We support independent publishers as much as possible so that we can offer excellent books that are not as widely distributed, and bolster lesser-known authors and illustrators.

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