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Tales of World War II

Tales of World War II

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"It's the Second World War as you've never seen it before--discover the hidden stories of incredible human spirit during the world's darkest hour.


Everyone knows what Adolf Hitler, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Winston Churchill were doing during World War II, but what about ordinary people? In this beautifully illustrated book, war historian Dr. Hattie Hearn reveals some of the most incredible true tales from the war, including:


- The Canadian cabin boy who avoided German U-boats crossing the Atlantic
- The Navajo soldiers who developed a secret code to outfox their enemies
- The African-American jazz singer who worked as a spy for the French Resistance


Beautifully illustrated by Margarida Esteves and featuring stories from all over the world, Tales of World War II also contains jaw-dropping tales including the dog used to find survivors in the London Blitz, the champion cyclist who carried secret messages to help Jews escape the Nazis, and the bear who was recruited by the Polish army!


Interspersed throughout the stories are pages explaining the key events of the war--from Pearl Harbor and Dunkirk to D-Day and the Holocaust."
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