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Little Simon

Isla of Adventure #1: Welcome to the Island

Isla of Adventure #1: Welcome to the Island

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"Meet the ever-curious Isla Verde, a young girl with a secret--she can speak with animals--in the first book of an all-new chapter book series!


Welcome to the adventurous island of Sol! For eight-year-old Isla Verde, Sol is the perfect place to live. The sun shines bright, the markets brim with delicious food and music, there are animal friends around every corner, and her best gecko buddy, Fitz, is up for almost every adventure!


Yes, Isla's best friend is a gecko. In fact, that's part of her big secret...she can speak to animals--and they speak right back! No one else knows about her special talent, not even Mama, Abuelo, or Abuela! But when new girl Tora moves in next door, Isla starts finding it harder to keep her secret under wraps.


With easy-to-read language and illustrations on almost every page, the Isla of Adventure chapter books are perfect for beginning readers."
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