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Dinosaur Club #1: The T. Rex Attack

Dinosaur Club #1: The T. Rex Attack

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Travel back in time to the world of the dinosaurs! Children will be inspired to discover the prehistoric world with this edge-of-your-seat adventure dinosaur storybook.

"Jamie is one of the biggest dinosaur fans ever. He's a member of the Dinosaur Club -- a network of kids around the world who share dinosaur knowledge. While exploring Ammonite Bay, Jamie meets Tess, a fellow Dinosaur Club member. Tess shows Jamie her favorite place -- a secret cave with fossils all over the walls. They see a strange tunnel at the back and go through it together. You won't believe what they discover next -- actual dinosaurs!

Learn all about dinosaurs and the prehistoric world in this first installment of DK's new children's book series. A beautiful marriage of fiction and fact, Dinosaur Club is a modern revision of the popular Dinosaur Cove series fully updated for a new audience, featuring a brand new premise, new characters, totally new artwork throughout, and all the latest dinosaur information and discoveries."


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