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The Kids' Book of Sticker Love

The Kids' Book of Sticker Love

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"A craft book filled with 1,100+ stickers and activities!

Celebrate the relationship between paper and its adhesive best friend--the sticker! Packed with tons of creative ideas, paper goodies, and crafty projects, The Kid's Book of Sticker Love is brimming with possibilities.

With holographic stickers, vinyl stickers, foil stickers, and more--here are projects to craft, like origami finger puppets with sticker faces. Projects to write--use colorful alphabet stickers to compose a note. Projects to play--a zoetrope, tangrams, or a frog vs. toad fly-catching contest. And projects to share--pass sweet ice cream notes with sticker sprinkles on top! It all adds up to hours and hours of screen-free fun.

Sticker-packed papercraft projects includes a dot-sticker necklace; a foldable paper globe; a paper crown with sticker gemstones; tiny rainbow notes and envelopes; and origami finger puppets with sticker eyes."

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